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If you knew your Business Risks from IT, you would have managed them by now.

We believe in: Protecting the ABCs of your business.

>> Is your identity SAFE?

>> Is your identity SAFE?

Is our personal data at Hospitals, Airlines,Railways, Banks, Insurance Companies, Internet or Telecom operators SAFE?  

>> Controls for PEACE of MIND

>> Controls for PEACE of MIND

Follow what is prescribed. Ensure controls are compliant to ISO27001, SEBI, Clause49, NSE, BSE, DOT, SOX, PCI and Indian IT ACT. 

>> Be in Line

>> Be in Line

Unwanted Derogatory Comment on FACEBOOK, Social sites can land you behind bars. BODY CORPORATEs must take care  and Protect PERSONAL data.  

>> Nirvana of the MIND

>> Nirvana of the MIND

EXPAND and INCLUDE greater knowledge to MANAGE business RISKS and GROWTH.    

>> Aware Workforce

>> Aware Workforce

Information security is a habit and a culture. Adopt before it's late!



Data Protection Software

T-Safe - Total Safety for Digital for Intellectual Property

Supported Programs-

Supported Programs:

 Auto CAD

 PTC Creo (Pro-E)

 Solid Works

 Adobe Illustrator

 Corel Draw

 Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Element

 Adobe Acrobate (PDF)

 Micosoft Word

 Micosoft Excel

 Micosoft PowerPoint

 VLC Player (Video and Audio files)

 Edius (version 5, 6, 7 and later)

 Pinnacle Studio (16, 17 and 18 and later)

 Adobe Premiere Pro

 Adobe After Effects

 ProShow Producer

 Sony Vegas Pro

 Corel Video Studio

 Boris FX (Video Effects)

 CutOK Master


 SCADA programs


Go SAFE - Windows Login and File Encryption


Allows you protect windows login with a USB dongle instead of standard

login ID and password

2. Also included in the package are file encrytion software which allows files

to be encrypted with USB dongle and can be shared with a member of the

same group (For this multiple dongles for a specific group can be


3. Additional applications provided to customise encryption keys inside

dongle for large corporate customers to create file sharing groups as may

be required.

4. Each dongle can store one Windows desktop login credentials and one

Windows Server with domain login credentials.


5. Suitable for personal privacy and file sharing within small groups.


PC-Kii - Platform Independent Virtual Drives


Allows you to create a Virtual drive in a File

2. That means you can store data inside a music file or a video file.

3. You decide the file extention, it could be mp3, avi or anything you like.

4. File can be mounted as drive in Windows , Linux and Mac OS

5. File is encrypted with AES 256 encryption using 256 character key stored

inside USB dongle.

6. File can be shared using Google Drive or iCloud or any other file sharing


7. As file is encryopted, any un-authorised user cannot see the contents even

if he is able to get hold of the file by hacking your system.

8. Up to three drives can be mounted at a time while you can create any

number of files having data.

9. Works with user definable password if dongle is not attached. This feature

can be used to create encrypted file for sharing with customer, who will be

able to mount using password instead of USB dongle.

10. You can use it to hide important and confidential data behind a music file or

a video.

11. AES256 is very safe and it could take up to 10 years to crack the encyption.


Windows Mac



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