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Meycor Cobit Suite

Meycor COBIT MG (Management Guidelines):
This software allows the IT area to measure their management performance and set improvement benchmarks for each individual process. This product aims to develop the main tool included in the COBIT 4.1 Management Guidelines: the Maturity Model.
Meycor COBIT AG (Audit Guidelines):
MEYCOR COBIT AG allows to perform an total or partial Audit of the COBIT® Processes. It is also possible to enter observations, recommendations and even to link files during the assessment.
The program provides six of the forms included in the COBIT® Tool Set that allow to gather information about the different processes.
The MEYCOR COBIT AG software implements the Audit Procedures provided in the COBIT® 3rd Edition Audit Guidelines, proposing a different approach than the Control Self-Assessment (CSA) one in order to obtain the same result: an agreement between the auditor and the auditee upon an improvement plan to correct deficiencies.
Meycor COBIT CSA (Control Self-Assessment):
The MEYCOR COBIT CSA software was developed by DATASEC and constitutes a unique worldwide tool since it includes, in its current version, international standards such as the COBIT 4.1® Framework standards.It does not only perform a diagnosis of the current situation and issues appropriate recommendations, but also allows for periodical assessments which can be compared against each other to measure the progress made during periods. 

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