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COSO Compliance Software

Meycor COSO AG is a tool aimed at supporting the assessment or the implementation of an effective and efficient internal control system, fully complying with the requirements of the COSO Report.


The Meycor COSO AG software is a methodology tool that enables you to:

  • Show due diligence and increase the probability of achieving your objectives.
  • Manage risks systematically and easily by adhering to the ISO 31000 standard.
  • Implement an Internal Control system based on COSO I & COSO II.
  • Plan and execute risk-based and general audits.


Meycor COSO AG allows you to:

  • Use a workflow methodology to identify threats that may affect objective compliance, with sample threat databases included.
  • Perform qualitative and quantitative risk assessments.
  • Define metrics to determine the Risk Exposure index.
  • Identify and self-assess current controls, providing treatments for their improvement.
  • Assess the perception of the different business units regarding the Internal Control system.
  • Follow-up the proposed action plans.
  • Define the Maximum Acceptable Risk.
  • Create audit projects, assign resources and generate reports.


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