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Digital Forensics

Digital forensics may be necessary in case of criminal law and private investigation. It forms the basis of evidence collected to support or oppose a case in courts across the world.


>> It’s almost impossible to predict frauds!!


Organizations must be pro-active and use the services of Digital Forensic Experts to-


    • Assess Fraud Risk Rating
    • Identify possibility of frauds / misuse of confidential data
    • Assess the readyness to collect and provide evidence
    • Setup measures and controls to build evidence trails
    • Train workforce to recognize the Risks
    • Setup applicable policies and procedures


When to call-in the Digital Forensic Experts? 

Ans. As near as possible to the time of an event or an act.


What needs to be done?


A) Collection and Gathering of as-is evidence: This involves duplication of media / data storages and systems, block the computer / media from any further use which would alter the status.

B) Analysis: The stage is performed using multiple tools and methods. Recreation of pre images, technical processes, deleted files, analysis of user and system activity logs for investigations.

C) Reporting: Summarize findings, possible loss ratings, quality of evidence, admissibility of evidence based on legal aspects and identification of possible perpetrators.


Who should use these services?

Ans. Legal Experts and Councils to use the technical services of Digital Forensic experts to initiate and collect necessary evidence

and Corporate(s) to know their RISK rating and readiness to handle any ensuing fraud.

Banking, Government, Insurance, Equity Trading, Commodity Trading, IT / ITES, BPO, Cement, Health, NGO, UN, Media