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IT Consulting

Technology implementations and their impact on business is becoming increasing more and more complex.  


Management and stakeholder(s) look for answers on-

  • Which technology to invest in?
  • How much money should be spent?
  • Am I getting benefits from the IT investments?
  • Is my IT team delivering to business objectives?
  • Is my Information assets and business secure?


Objectives of IT Strategic Consultant are-


  • Better alignment of IT to business objectives
  • Set path for Data Security as per information security best practices
  • Deliver IT services with higher effectiveness and efficiency
  • Deliver tangible and intangible benefits to business 


IT Consulting Areas are


  • Strategic Services – Discuss and advice management on business objective, risks, IT issues, industry best practices,  and escalate as deemed necessary
  • Research and Analysis- Provide assistance to identify, advice on utility of suitable products and services
  • Procurement- Advice on technical specifications and price decisions including cost benefit analysis
  • Information Security Policy- Provide assistance towards structure, preparation, approvals, training and implementation
  • Technical - Advice on technical issues, solutions and tips as necessary
  • Monitoring- Review and validate implementation of IT initiatives and policies


Why consider an IS Auditor, Risk Management IT Consultant?

  • No vested interest in selling hardware, software or network solutions
  • Unbiased opinions and feedback
  • Always a risk and business objective view point to solutions
  • Enabling cost drivers
  • Plays a vital role (mediator) between management and technical teams


Banking, Government, Insurance, Equity Trading, Commodity Trading, IT / ITES, BPO, Cement, Health, NGO, UN, Media